Chettinad Cotton Sarees

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Chettinad cotton sarees or otherwise known as the Kandaangi sarees are the signature pieces crafted by the Devanga Chettiyars of Tamil Nadu. Popular for their ability to stay cool and absorb sweat during hot and humid temperatures, these hand-woven sarees are thick and not translucent.

At Prashanti, a woven blouse fabric is a value addition done to the Chettinad cotton saree which otherwise isn't usually available with a blouse. That means you don't have to run pillar to post, sifting through materials and stores looking for the right combination to complete your outfit. The blouse fabrics are a meter-long and are available in trendy contrasting colours. The 80 count cotton sarees are delightful to wear for warm weather. Say goodbye to your hot summer woes with Prashanti's Chettinad cotton sarees!

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