Roopam Silk Sarees (Gifting Kanjivarams)

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Roopam silk sarees are exclusive range of affordable Silk sarees. These sarees are woven from Pure silk and Art silk in the ratio 60:40. Art silk or artificial silk is manufactured from rayon, mercerised cotton or polyester. Lustrous like silk and comfortable like cotton, roopam silk sarees are cost-effective. They are perfect on a hot summer day when temperatures soar high and sweat drips in torrents.

The super airy fabric of roopam silk feels tender against your skin and sends soothing waves of delight throughout your being. Roopam silk sarees are very decent alternatives for silk sarees as occasion wear and they are hard to distinguish from the real silk ones. Explore the innovative ideas of Prashanti sarees that are instilled in their enamouring sarees which make them exceptionally joyous to wear.

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