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Once preferred by the queens of India, the Chanderi sarees are a class apart among handwoven garments. The production of Chanderi fabrics is a family business that has been running for a few centuries. This fabric is exclusive to Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh. The versatility of Chanderi textile makes it a favourite canvas for fashion connoisseurs to practise their art on.

Chanderi cotton sarees are lightweight, not just on your purse but on your pocket too. The refined weaves are very well suited for casual wear. They have a wild assortment of buttis, zaris, intricate patterns, geometric shapes etc done on the saree palette. Discover new designs and colours of Chanderi cotton sarees at Prashanthi.

The translucency and the fine thread weaving of the saree makes it a breathable fabric. Now you can embrace tradition with open arms as well as say adieu to sweat and heat as you adorn these super cool pieces of coziness.
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