Kalamkari Printed Silk Cottons

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We bring you some stunning Korvai & Kuppadam silk cotton sarees with Kalamkari prints and zari border in diverse designs and contrast colors. As you run errands on festival days, these light sarees enfold you in the softest hug, helping you to drift around effortlessly.

'Korvai' in Tamil means 'in sync'. It's a special weaving technique where the pallu will be in contrast colour with the body of the saree. They are woven separately and then skillfully woven into one which requires two weavers and involves an extensive process. The Kuppadam silk cotton sarees are a unique blend of silk cotton body and pure silk, zari woven border. The salient feature of these sarees is that the border and body are woven separately and then joined together in korvai weaving to give you the lightness of silk cotton and shimmer of the silk zari border.


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