Batik & Coimbatore Cotton Sarees

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    Batik is one of the oldest methods of dyeing or printing patterns on fabrics. It is a traditional art that is pliant according to the culture of the regions involved in designing the fabric, and the dyeing is done ever so lovingly by the human hands. The sarees thus produced are like a painter's canvas splashed with mind-boggling coloured patterns.

    We, at Prashanti, have a wonderful collection of Batik sarees in cotton. The saree palettes are a riot of colours and the handmade patterns are lusciously chic. The interplay of bold and dynamic hues are made for every expressive, spunky woman who doesn't shy away from a challenge.

    Coimbatore cotton sarees are fine and airy, handloom sarees with thread works in borders as well as the body of the sarees. These sarees are light and easy to carry all day long.

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