How Kanchipuram silk is turning into comfortable office wear

Do you remember the days when you hated wearing the school uniform? You couldn't wait for Saturdays or your birthday to wear your favourite piece of dress. So what was that about the dress that made you happy? Amidst the humdrum of school life, It made you feel special and brought joy to your days.

Just when you thought you'd had enough of the uniform;  Oh boy! Did you just land in the corporate world to wear it again? Your inner fashionista must have flown off the handle at such a preposterous arrangement.

Meanwhile, the corporate world has been aware of the stress that it has been subjecting its employees to, and there have been diligent attempts at shifting the office culture from an uptight environment to a more friendly workspace. The rules are relaxed around dressing and workspace freedom.

Women now wear salwar kameez, kurtas, jeans and shirts to work as far as their company protocols allow. A well-draped saree can be an esthetically valuable addition to your workwear trousseau. Having said that,  If you are thinking of making a mark at your workplace, what can be more perfect than the elegant Kanchipuram silk sarees?

The Kanchipuram sarees have adapted to the changing times through the modifications that are made to suit a modern woman's diverse tastes.  It has made them a pleasant choice to wear even for regular office hours. Let me convince you why you should pick a Kanchipuram saree as your office attire.

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1. Changing trends from Western to traditional wear

The workwear was introduced such that each team members appearance positively reflected the company. When it came into vogue, people chose attires that were lightweight and looked professional, and hence the surge in the use of Western wear. The western textile industries had enough resources to promote their products and deem them highly suitable for professionals.

With the influx of Gen Y into work-force, Office wear doesn't mean wearing formals all the time anymore. Within a certain dress code ethics, people are allowed to wear what they like.

We, women, especially Indian women love colours. How drab one's existence must feel if you have to wear the same monochrome Western outfits every single day? But the good news is that the winds of change are here. Kanjivaram sarees are available in lightweight versions, unlike the traditional ones. They're easy to carry and comfortable to wear.

2. A wild assortment of colours and designs

Those days are long gone when Kanchipuram silk sarees were reserved for weddings and special occasions. Currently, Kanjivaram weaves boast of colours and colour combinations that surpass an artist's palette. There are borderless sarees, thread woven sarees, with and without zari, printed versions and lightly embroidered sarees. These blend perfectly with your work environment, simultaneously giving you a polished, graceful look.

3. You can look majestic as well as feminine

Wearing a timeless classic such as a Kanjivaram saree will always command attention at your work-place, not to mention the regal vibes it always exudes. The modern versions are available in sober tones and aren't flashy or gaudy. With hundreds of colours and designs to choose from, you can have your pick for perfect workwear. Sarees command respect.

 4. You can never go wrong with a saree

If you watch celebrity news, very often the tabloids report on a wardrobe malfunction. But how many times have you heard or seen it in connection to a saree? Hardly any! It isn't very often that we come across things that have stood the test of time. But the saree that has a mention in the Vedas and has lasted for thousands of years, in itself is a testimony for its competence.

In conclusion, the Kanjivaram saree, once traditional, has undergone positive changes to provide comfort and convenience to the person it embraces. You can never ever get bored with Kanjivaram sarees.

Explore our Kanjivaram Silk Saree Collection 


Tyaar India

Tyaar India

Pure Kanjivaram sarees are the woven artwork of Southern India. The origin of this saree is related to saint Markanda, who is known to be the master weaver of the Gods. The weavers of pure kanjivaram sarees are called Kanchis. They are the descendants of Saint Markanda. They are famous due to their deep rich colors, silver, and golden zari work, and attractive motifs that make them a perfect choice for any special occasion.

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Amita H Pange

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