The Bridal 15 Collection by Prashanti Silks

With the wedding season on, it’s an exciting time preparing for the big day. Bridal saree shopping is a significant event in the schedule, and very often an entire team is involved in selecting the right saree for the bride’s special day. 

But bridal sarees have become expensive. Very often, the sarees from a bridal collection cost anything from a lower limit of Rs 30,000 to an upper limit of – well, is there really an upper limit?!

This is where The Bridal 15 Collection by Prashanti Silks scores. This special collection is a wide range of exclusive bridal sarees ranging from- yes, believe it – Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. The lowest price gives the collection its name. 

The designs are trendy. The look is grand. The colours are perfect for today’s bride. The contrast borders are all korvai.

‘Then how can they sell at these prices?’ I hear you ask.

The zari used is one gram gold zari. The result – a classy look that looks sophisticated and rich, without the artificial sheen of tested zari. Yes – it does not have a resale value. But you’re never going to sell your Bridal saree, are you?

Find these sarees exclusively in the  Prashanti stores . You’ll not be able to stop with one…

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Hi. Please can you send me the link with the latest collections of all types of sarees available in your stores, presently.

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