Soft Silks - a gorgeous amity of tradition and style!
Are you enamoured by Kanjivaram silks, but baulk at wearing them regularly? Kanjivaram silks are opulent! They are an integral part of all special occasions and weddings and make them extra special. No doubt about that, but the weaving process which involves using 3 ply silk and starching makes them heavy with associated stiffness. When you are looking to add casual chicness to your silk wardrobe, Soft silks are perfect for you! They are gossamer soft whilst still retaining the lustre and charm of pure silk sarees.
Soft silks are woven with two-ply silk, and it makes them lightweight and easy to carry when adorned. In addition, they are not put through the process of starching, and this gives them the alluring pliability. The other thing that sets them apart is the trendy designs. They beautifully combine traditional allure and stylish chic.
At Prashanti, we have curated a vibrant stash of soft silks for you. Our exquisite collections include eye-catching contrast sarees, silver zari sarees, half and half, those gorgeous ganga-jamuna border sarees, gold zari sarees, intricate motifs bedecked sarees and many more. We personally hand pick the best for you.
Apart from making you the cynosure of all eyes, our gorgeous sarees are easy on your pockets. Easy to maintain and easy to carry! What more do we ladies need?! Visit Prashanthi and check out the plethora of beautiful sarees. We are sure you are going to walk out with your heart and hands full!

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