Silk Cotton Sarees – Consistent Quality, Different Prices!!


Silk cotton sarees – comfortable, rich, eye-catching, breath-taking weaves, with the grandeur of silk and the breathability of cotton…

But hey! There are so many available. And in different price ranges! Why the difference? What to buy? Is the price difference because of varying amounts of silk? Do the less expensive sarees have less silk than the ones priced higher?


All silk cotton sarees have a fixed ratio of silk to cotton – 60% silk and 40% cotton. The sarees with the Korvai borders have a slightly higher ratio of silk – the ratio in these is 70% silk and 30% cotton.

But yes – there is differential pricing even in the sarees which do not have a korvai border. Sarees range in price from Rs 2400 to Rs 8000.

Here’s why…

If you look at a saree that costs less, you’ll find that the design is simple and that it has very little zari. The labour and time involved in weaving these sarees is much less than the ones that cost more. A whole saree, sometimes even a saree and a half, can be completed in a single day. Besides, the design of the weave being simple, it can be done using a single design box. These are the reasons for the price difference.

So wear your simple silk cotton saree with the confidence that there’s no compromise on quality. 

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