Prashanti's Premium Handblock Printed Silk Cotton Sarees
Prashanti has a delightful collection of Handblock Printed Silk Cotton Sarees. Silk Cotton sarees are a perfect confluence of breezy cotton and lustrous silk. Add to it, the magic of beautiful hand-block printed motifs - Scintillating elegance! They are perfect for all occasions.

Woodblock printing which is also known as Handblock printing, is a quintessential process of printing patterns on textiles by hand, using incised wooden blocks. It is a laborious process but helps render artistic results that are aesthetically appealing.
These woodblocks for textile printing is typically made of holly, sycamore or pear wood. They are cut into blocks and they are typically grooved to overlap and glued together. The next process is drawing the design and cutting through the ridges. Then they are dipped in vegetable dyes and pressed on the fabric as per aesthetic preferences.                                                                                                                         
At Prashanti, we curate plain silk cotton sarees from weavers and do Handblock printing in-store. When we set out to print, our main focus is to provide you with a unique saree to cherish at affordable prices.

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