NALINA - Classic Kanjivarams

Prashanthi with 25 years of rich heritage in handloom Sarees has always coloured your life with vibrant weaves! All our silk Sarees are lovingly handwoven in our own looms. Lustrous and captivating, Nalina...our exquisite Pure Silk Saree Collection is a class apart!

Our master artisans lend enamouring allure to dainty silk threads, by infusing them with an artistically concocted medley of gorgeous hues, 
intricate motifs, luminous zari and captivating designs. They bring a Saree to life with incredible dedication and scintillating luminance. The radiance and charm of every weave from our looms are unparalleled. Right from trendy shimmery silver zari silk sarees to quintessential paalum pazhamum kattams, every Nalina saree is unique just like you are!



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